Monday, August 22, 2011

OPI - Serena Williams Grand Slam England

OMG, last posting date was in July? I really nd to get more pro-active here x_x;;

Today, I'm sporting one of the (not so) latest Grand Slam set. This is from the Grand Slam England series. One is Grape.. Set.. Match! with a glitter top coat. The other is Your Royal Shine-ness, which doesn't really impress me since I have waaay too many silver polishes.

I'm a huge fan of purples and when I saw early swatches of this set, I KNEW I just had to get it.

Onto the goodies =)

Grape.. Set.. Match is the most beautiful purple I've ever seen. It's a very pretty purple with red, blue sparklies in it. A shame I forgot to snap a shot of it before slapping the glitter coat on x_x In the bottle, it looks a little duochrome-ish but it doesn't seem to translate so well to the nails. Still it's very gorgeous, looks a little like a darker version of Prized Purple Possession, but prettier. Lots lots lots prettier.

And here's a shot of how gorgeous the glitter top coat is. The larger chunkier glitter tend to settle at the bottom so give it a good rub/shake to thoroughly mix em' before you apply it. The finished coat is smooth and really does add a huge bling factor to the nails.

Definitely get this if you're a fan of purples and lots of bling glitter =))

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nicole by OPI - Prized Possession Purple

I'm a rather huge fan of greens and purples and Justin Bieber's One Less Lonely Girl collection sees some of the most gorgeous purples.... nevermind that the lad himself seems to be a fan of the color too!

Prized Possession Purple is a lovely deep purple with hints of red and blue shimmer. Despite the color, the first coat I applied was sheer, which was easily remedied with three coats.

Now I don't know about you guys but Nicole by OPI's new perfect stroke brush gave me a bit of a headache but that's probably due to my tendencies to WANT to go over painted areas again.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Zoya Dannii

It's hard to get Zoya in Singapore, so I was rather pleased to be able to get my hands on Dannii at Plaza Singapura.

Dannii is a beautiful purple with gold and red shimmer. This is done with two coats.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chanel's Mimosa

Mimosa is a very bright, cheerful sunny yellow with gold shimmer.

As much as I love this cheerful color, application was a nightmare for me. The brush = no no no.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nicole by OPI - My Lifesaver

I'm really not sure why so many people have a beef with Justin Bieber ... but uh yeah.

This is My Lifesaver from the Justin Bieber's collection. A very pretty turquoise creme.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dior's Aloha & Chanel's Morning Rose

Some time ago, I chanced upon these in the departmental store but didn't get them til a looong time later. (persuaded by all the lovely swatches of it that I saw finally!)

Chanel Mimosa (to be covered in a later post), Dior's Top Coat that came with Aloha, and Chanel's Morning Rose. (please excuse my horrid reflection =)

I did a mani with Aloha and Morning Rose.

Aloha is a beautiful eye-searing bright orange, a color that's absolutely perfect for summer. Morning Rose is a lovely rose pink with gold shimmer in it.

Dior's top coat was a lovely thing to work with. It's less goopy than Seche with a watery consistency, so it took a bit to get used to since I'm too used to dropping a fat dallop onto my nails with Seche. It dries almost as fast as Seche (surprise surprise) but I found it's shine factor to be a little lacking. I accidentally took in a HUGE sniff of it while I was top-coating the mani and it smells strongly of alcohol... which based on your preference, could be better or worse than Seche lol. I only wish Dior sold this separately. I think I'm quickly becoming a fan of this top coat.

Polishes wise, I'm really happy with how Aloha and Morning Rose turned out but the brush Chanel uses drove me literally up the wall. I found it difficult to control and as a result, had to three coat Morning Rose to cover the bald spots I created with dragging the brush. Dior's on the other hand, was a joy to work with. I think I might have a preference for wide brushes even though I have tiny fingers.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Serena Williams Grand Slam Rally Pretty Pink

I've always been a huge fan of pinks and reds, so when I saw the adverts for the Serena Williams Grand Slam Rally Pretty Pink, I knew I just had to get my grubby paws on it.
Rally Pretty Pink is a gorgeous rose pink, saturated in gold shimmer. In the bottle, it looks like almost a duochrome at certain angles, with gold and green. On the nails, if you look at it head on, it looks bronze-ish but tilt it at an angle and you'll see the lovely pink and gold. If the angle is steep enough, it becomes a very pretty shade of light purple. You'll have to see it for yourself to know what I'm talking about =)

Red Shatter was a surprise. I didn't expect it to go well with Rally Pretty Pink, but I was proven wrong. In the sunlight, this combination really pops out well. =)

Friday, May 6, 2011

NOTD: Nubar Reclaim

Finally, I've managed to catch up to my current manicure x_x (laziness is so not a virtue lol)

I did a quick mani this morning before I went to work. It's another polish from Nubar's Going Green collection, Reclaim.
This went on in three coats.

Now I had the opportunity to try the much raved about Diamont Seal and Shine top coat that came with this collection set. It's said to be a match for Seche Vite... to some extent, at least for me. The drying time on this was pretty fast but in terms of overall drying time, Seche still wins hands down.

So I experimented with both top coats, using Seche on my left hand and Diamont on my right. I am not sure if I got a dud bottle or if the drying time is supposed to be this long but even after two hours, I was getting fabric patterns in my mani from folding laundry. I'll probably continue to experiment with other polishes to get a fair judgement. I do like Diamont, though I've been pretty spoilt with Seche.

OPI's The Color to Watch & Nubar's Wildlife

I received my Going Green Collection three days ago so I decided to do an accent with one of the polishes from the collection.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

China Glaze Poolside Collection

I spree somewhat regularly with fellow Singaporean blogger Estella over at Wow! Pretty Nails who does sprees for nail polishes at pretty amazing prices. My latest haul from her spree included the remaining sorbets from OPI's Texas collection, The Color to Watch from the Swiss Collection and 2 from China Glaze's amazing Poolside collection.

So I stripped Bumble Bee off for Kiwi Cool-Ada and this is what I got. Did I ever mention how much of a fan of greens I am? This went on in three coats and dries relatively fast.

I loved this one so much it stayed on me for almost a week @_@

Arezia #631

Knowing my penchance for never being able to live with one color for more than 2-3 days, I took #657 off that night and did this one.

#631 is a very pretty, cheerful and warm golden yellow. It glides on beautifully and pigmented enough to finish with two coats. A very pretty summery shade if you ask me, but in Singapore we only have two seasons: very wet or very dry ^_^;

And if you think I left this alone.. me? Leaving a perfectly awesome mani alone? Never! @_@

I slapped OPI's Black Shatter over the yellow and while I rather liked it, I've gotten comments from friends that it looks like I've taped bumble bees to my nails lol. It does reminds me of Bumble Bee from the awesome Transformers movie though however. =)

Arezia #657

I'm a little heads over heels in love with Arezia. Their polishes are relatively cheap but easily giving other more well known brands a run for their money quality wise. You can get them at Sasa for abt $4 a bottle but you have to be in a bit of luck to find unique colors since the ones I see are usually the usual run of the mill reds/pinks/browns/whites.

This was my haul, raiding Sasa at Plaza Singapura after a movie sometime last week.

And I did a mani using the navy blue. It was a quick one before I left home, so it wasn't exactly perfect.

It reminds me so much of China Glaze's First Mate from their Anchors Away collection.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pinky day

So, in support of the event, I painted my nails pink.. with a teeny wheeny bit of disaster lol.

This is three coats OPI's Got a Date To-Knight! topped with Seche Vite. Did a bit of Konading on the thumb for some variation but made a huge boo boo, and I didn't really feel like redoing that nail all over again, so I reached for my CG's crackle and painted over it. You can see the booboo in the center of the thumb where there's a huge splot of red/pink lol.

Tried to capture the Konading on my right hand but my phone camera refuses to co-operate =\\

All in all, I really love this mani. I particularly love this shade of pink. Done right, it shines like plastic pink, almost barbie-esque. Totally in love with this shade. Konading was a bit harder than I thought, everyone made it look so easy haha. Wish I could capture the one I did on my last finger. It was the only one that came out perfect, so pinkish and delicate. I'm almost loathe to take it off today >_>

Also, I realised how hideous my nails look when they're short but they make typing so much easier when short >_>. Ahh the price of beauty. =(

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paint your Nails Pink on 22/4/11

I caught wind of this event from ALU's FB page, over a controversy on J.Crew's ad featuring CEO Jenna painting her son's toenails pink and it being captioned "Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink".

Am so definitely supporting this. Time to abolish all the sexist views ppls!
(Besides, we all know real men wear pink ^____^)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Many NOTDs in one

Essie's Coat Azure with OPI's Sparrow Me The DramaEssie's Coat Azure with OPI's Sparrow Me The Drama on ring finger.

OPI's Got a Date To-Knight! with Arezia's #750 on ring finger.

Nubar's Risky Rose.

Nubar's Brilliant.

OPI's In The Spot-Light.

Arezia #660

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NUBAR Liquid Metals Collection

Here in Singapore, it's usually hard to get polishes you love/want without spreeing with someone or paying through your nose. Even more so when you're a fan of OPI. To compound that, most online shops that actually stock the stuffs I love, don't ship overseas. As a result, it's rather annoying when I want just one bottle of a color I love but don't want to rack up a resulting USD$30-40 in shipping alone. So it's not often that I order polishes, but when a friend pointed out NUBAR's Liquid Metals collection, I knew I just had to get them.

This collection is pretty old, 2008 I believe, but the colors are so beautiful! Especially more so when I'm a big fan of frosty / metallic finishes. I got these in the mail yesterday and I was like a girl of 5 when I opened them. I think dad was wondering if I'd gone mad ;p

Left to right: Precarious Lavendar, Risky Rose, Unfaithful Red and Fickle Amethyst.

Left to right: Impulsive Silver, Unpredictable Taupe, Erratic Purple & Black Chrome.

And of course, I just had to do one immediately, half of the reason being I totally dislike CG's Midnight Kiss. Here is Black Chrome, topped with NUBAR's 2010 top coats. Did I also mention I totally love 2010 already? It just gives off so much colors, depending on the angle you look at it. Total love. ♥

Monday, March 28, 2011

China Glaze - Midnight Kiss

Decided to change my mani and my bf suggested gold... so I picked the only gold color I had in my stash.

This is China Glaze's Midnight Kiss but I don't think I like the color much. It's a bit more yellow in RL, kinda...makes my skin look more pinkish than usual.

First post?

First post! And to test the blog =)

This is a mani I've been wearing since Saturday. It's OPI's The One That Got Away from the Katy Perry collection. In the sun, it shines like a very pretty metallic purple. Perhaps I'm still not used to applying polishes but this one was a nightmare for me. Lots of cleaning up to do.

Still waiting for my NUBAR polishes to get in. When they do, I'll start swatching em' =)