Monday, August 22, 2011

OPI - Serena Williams Grand Slam England

OMG, last posting date was in July? I really nd to get more pro-active here x_x;;

Today, I'm sporting one of the (not so) latest Grand Slam set. This is from the Grand Slam England series. One is Grape.. Set.. Match! with a glitter top coat. The other is Your Royal Shine-ness, which doesn't really impress me since I have waaay too many silver polishes.

I'm a huge fan of purples and when I saw early swatches of this set, I KNEW I just had to get it.

Onto the goodies =)

Grape.. Set.. Match is the most beautiful purple I've ever seen. It's a very pretty purple with red, blue sparklies in it. A shame I forgot to snap a shot of it before slapping the glitter coat on x_x In the bottle, it looks a little duochrome-ish but it doesn't seem to translate so well to the nails. Still it's very gorgeous, looks a little like a darker version of Prized Purple Possession, but prettier. Lots lots lots prettier.

And here's a shot of how gorgeous the glitter top coat is. The larger chunkier glitter tend to settle at the bottom so give it a good rub/shake to thoroughly mix em' before you apply it. The finished coat is smooth and really does add a huge bling factor to the nails.

Definitely get this if you're a fan of purples and lots of bling glitter =))