Monday, April 25, 2011

Pinky day

So, in support of the event, I painted my nails pink.. with a teeny wheeny bit of disaster lol.

This is three coats OPI's Got a Date To-Knight! topped with Seche Vite. Did a bit of Konading on the thumb for some variation but made a huge boo boo, and I didn't really feel like redoing that nail all over again, so I reached for my CG's crackle and painted over it. You can see the booboo in the center of the thumb where there's a huge splot of red/pink lol.

Tried to capture the Konading on my right hand but my phone camera refuses to co-operate =\\

All in all, I really love this mani. I particularly love this shade of pink. Done right, it shines like plastic pink, almost barbie-esque. Totally in love with this shade. Konading was a bit harder than I thought, everyone made it look so easy haha. Wish I could capture the one I did on my last finger. It was the only one that came out perfect, so pinkish and delicate. I'm almost loathe to take it off today >_>

Also, I realised how hideous my nails look when they're short but they make typing so much easier when short >_>. Ahh the price of beauty. =(

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